The mental and physical well-being of employees is the basis of corporate interest, and those who choose to invest in improving their spaces understand its strategic importance.
According to Forbes, green biophilic furniture is the needed breakthrough in workplace design, and a green office could reduce worker sick days by up to 20 percent (Wageningen Environmental Research).

A less stressful environment is more productive, and the use of ethical materials, fully enhances the sustainability of the brand, positioning it as caring and close to ecological and environmental issues.

Each green wall offers the possibility to be easily customized with the company’s logo, resulting in a perfect rendering and a unique visual effect.

All office spaces are redesigned following a specific and dedicated design, focused on the client’s needs, using practical and manageable green products, without the need for a professionalized workforce and with no possible maintenance.

Even the soundproof partitions themselves, designed for better workstation management and privacy, are on wheels and easily transportable.

In addition, sound insulation makes rooms more comfortable by absorbing sound naturally and improving the concentration of those working in them.

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