Stabilized vegetation: an elegant and green solution

Green Habitat’s stabilized vegetation is a 100% natural coating. Its sound-absorbing and moisture-regulating qualities make it an excellent investment for indoor comfort and, at the same time, for our health.

Not only that: although it is a plant product, it does not require any maintenance, as does any artificial covering, but unlike these it is able to recreate the spectacle of lush nature inside spaces (offices, etc.) and, because of this, to amaze anyone who stands before it.

The benefits of stabilized vegetation

From work spaces to air quality, stabilized vegetation clearly improves many aspects of our daily lives. Key benefits include:

Soundproofing: if it is true that the work environment today fundamentally determines the quality of life, stabilized vegetation can contribute to its improvement through its ability to absorb sound in a natural way, helping to reduce noise pollution and the resulting problems (stress, poor concentration, etc.).

Humidity regulation: stabilized Green Habitat vegetation is able to ensure that the humidity inside the rooms is between 40 and 60 percent, which is optimal for our health. In fact, it prevents both the proliferation of bacteria (favored by excessive humidity) and allergies and dryness of the respiratory tract (if, on the contrary, the air is too dry), protecting against health problems such as inflammation and headaches.

No maintenance: Green Habitat stabilized vegetation requires no water, no pruning or other care; plus, because it is antistatic, it does not even need to be dusted occasionally.

How is it provided?

Because of its versatility, stabilized vegetation is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as ceiling, wall and corner coverings, but it can also be used to surround switches, doors and windows.

Wall Forest Hedera Mix

How? We are able to bring to life any customer’s request, starting from their design and, based on this, making custom-made panels with numerically controlled machines. The panels are then numbered according to the assembly diagram provided with them, making the customer autonomous in assembly.

All stabilized vegetation panels have a forex base of 3-5 mm. for a total thickness of about 7-15 cm. and a weight of 8-13 kg/sq.m.; therefore, they can also be fixed directly to the wall with simple screws or nails.

The panels are shipped on 80x80cm. or 120x80cm. pallets, ensuring an extremely small footprint on the construction site.

See how quick and easy it is to assemble the product!

Panels are individually boxed and shipped on pallets, each of which holds approximately up to 14 sq. m. of product, ensuring very little clutter on the job site for easy assembly and handling. The panels are attached directly to the relevant wall using simple nails or screws.

How is it produced?

The vegetation we use grows in Italy and Europe and is harvested following programmed cycles. Once selected and thoroughly cleaned, it undergoes a sap replacement treatment with natural salts that allow it to last for many years without requiring any maintenance or care. At that point, the vegetation is applied and composed by hand on the panels.

Produzione della vegetazione stabilizzata Green Habitat

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How can you enhance the special power of plants? We have the solution at hand.
Nature all around us is an inexhaustible source of wealth and benefits, and you can have it in your work space without the need for maintenance or professionalized labor.
Green walls are unique and unmistakable, improving indoor environments by making them healthier and ensuring more productive office hours, with a special focus on employee well-being.
So many have already chosen Green Habitat, investing in the health of those around them and focusing on ethical and sustainable design, close to the environment and looking to the future.

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