Nature transforms and fills spaces, and our focus on well-being embraces the pursuit of biophilic design that has inspired us, from day one, in designing environments for every type and sector.
We incorporate the beneficial power of plants into everyday, environmentally sustainable thinking and revolutionize sharing, commercial, medical and relaxation spaces.
Green Habitat adapts to any context, with versatile solutions that can be easily shaped according to the specific needs required by the target sector, but without ever neglecting its own peculiar uniqueness.
Green walls are a perfect balance between the harmony of cutting-edge interior design and that which is good for your health, thanks to the many certified and visible benefits.

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The projects that make us most proud

How can you enhance the special power of plants? We have the solution at hand.
Nature all around us is an inexhaustible source of wealth and benefits, and you can have it in your work space without the need for maintenance or professionalized labor.
Green walls are unique and unmistakable, improving indoor environments by making them healthier and ensuring more productive office hours, with a special focus on employee well-being.
So many have already chosen Green Habitat, investing in the health of those around them and focusing on ethical and sustainable design, close to the environment and looking to the future.

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