A new way of traveling and experiencing the space around us is now a shared desire, as is the need for sustainable and responsible tourism.
The hospitality and hospitality industry is getting closer to these issues and thinking ahead by making green and eco-friendly choices.

In the solutions of those who have relied on Green Habitat, the visual impact is evident, as already in the lobby walls branded ad hoc, each location attracts the eye and fills the spaces with light and greenery, intercepting a clientele more attentive and sensitive to the environment and that seeks and appreciates an ethical and sophisticated style.

The buildings themselves increase their value and become trendy, unique, succeed in enhancing each customer’s stay experience, and combine relaxation and acoustic comfort, thanks to the sound-absorbing walls, which can softly dampen sound and isolate tensions and noise from outside and the chaos of everyday life

In addition, the versatile and convenient-to-move dividers and planters are perfect for better organizing and stylishly subdividing the booking and check-in space to allow for privacy and elegance, without the need for professionalized labor or later maintenance.

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