Stabilized Lichen: Competitive price and unique design

Stabilized lichen is a 100 percent natural product with sound-absorbing and moisture-regulating qualities that make it an excellent coating for improving indoor comfort and protecting the health of those who live there.

This is a truly unique innovation in that, despite being a natural, plant-based product, it can be compared to any man-made coating in terms of maintenance, while still managing to bring all the charm and beauty of nature to indoor environments.

Also contributing to its success is an extremely competitive price, which we can guarantee by directly managing the production process in its entirety.

The benefits of lichen

Vertical greenery and stabilized greenery offer countless benefits to our health, from improving the comfort of our work spaces to the quality of the air we breathe. In particular, stabilized lichen has some important advantages:

Soundproofing: makes it possible to drastically improve the comfort of the working environment, an aspect that today contributes decisively to the quality of life. Green Habitat products such as stabilized lichen are designed to absorb sound naturally, helping to reduce noise pollution, which in the workplace is a source of poor concentration, increased stress and discomfort.

Humidity regulation: if it is excessive, an ideal climate is created in the environment for the proliferation of bacteria, while if the indoor climate is too dry, it dries out the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and exposes us to allergies. Green Habitat’s vertical gardens and stabilized lichen help ensure a humidity level in rooms between 40 and 60 percent, which is optimal for our health: in fact, this protects against respiratory problems, inflammation and headaches during the day. This is also part of the biophilic design “revolution” in which we strongly believe.

In addition, stabilized lichen requires no maintenance: no water, pruning or other care. Being antistatic, the product does not attract dust, so you will not even need to dust it.

Certifications and tests taken

Green Habitat stabilized lichen is the only one currently on the market that can boast:

Reaction to fire according to UNI EN 13501-1 Classification B-s2,d0

Sound absorption coefficient according to UNI EN ISO 354

Passing bacterial tests and microorganism counts

How is it provided?

Stabilized lichen is a very versatile product, making a wide variety of applications possible: from lining ceilings, walls, corners and even to contouring switches, doors and windows in your commercial spaces.

Green Habitat stabilized lichen comes in convenient panels:

Lichene per custom
  • standard (size 75×75 cm), often readily available and perfect for simple application. The chosen format is the most practical in our opinion: suffice it to say that two people can assemble up to 20 square meters of product in one morning. Despite the standard dimensions, these are still panels that can be easily adapted in size, even directly on site, with common tools (e.g., jigsaw)
  • Custom-made: we make any design on request through numerically controlled machines. The panels thus produced are then numbered according to an assembly scheme that is extremely intuitive for the customer, thus accommodating any request and design provided by the customer.

See how quick and easy it is to assemble the product!

Panels are individually boxed and shipped on pallets, each of which holds approximately up to 14 sq. m. of product, ensuring very little clutter on the job site for easy assembly and handling. The panels are attached directly to the relevant wall using simple nails or screws.

How is it produced?

Lichen grows freely in northern Europe where we collect the raw material by following scheduled harvest cycles. Once selected and thoroughly cleaned, the product undergoes our stabilization process, which replaces the sap with natural salts that allow it to remain soft and maintain its characteristics for many years without requiring any maintenance.

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How can you enhance the special power of plants? We have the solution at hand.
Nature all around us is an inexhaustible source of wealth and benefits, and you can have it in your work space without the need for maintenance or professionalized labor.
Green walls are unique and unmistakable, improving indoor environments by making them healthier and ensuring more productive office hours, with a special focus on employee well-being.
So many have already chosen Green Habitat, investing in the health of those around them and focusing on ethical and sustainable design, close to the environment and looking to the future.

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